Stunning, Peer-Reviewed University Research Discovery!

NEW Combination of 2 Simple Habits Helps You Lose Weight Eating Pizza, Tacos, Desserts, and Whatever Else YOU  Want...

Finally, the Scientific TRUTH about Losing Weight Eating Your Favorite Foods.

  • Tired of being told you have to give up entire food groups to lose weight?
  • Tired of trainers who LIVE in the gym and wealthy celebrities who make fat loss look so easy?
  • Frustrated with having so many restrictions that you finally decide it's just not worth it?

"Hi, we're Jeremy Nelms and Kris Pauly, creators of the Work Week DietJoin us as we share how others like you *confidently* feast on their favorites and shed unhealthy body fat with a simple system specifically designed for YOUR schedule... for a happier, healthier life!"

Kris Pauly - Co-Creator of the Work Week Diet!
Jeremy Nelms - Co-Creator of the Work Week Diet!

What If Science Has PROVEN that You Can Completely Enjoy Your Favorite Foods... and NEVER Worry About Weight Loss Again.

We understand: eating pizza, tacos, desserts, and pasta for weight loss sounds too good to be true…

Yet, what if we show you scientific certainty and real world client results which absolutely prove that nearly everything trainers, big corporate “weight loss” companies, and even nutritionists are teaching about weight loss is dead wrong?

In fact, what if multi-year, peer-reviewed scientific research has PROVEN that:

  • You don’t have to eat “healthy” everyday to lose weight.
  • You don’t have to eat every 3 hours to maintain an elevated metabolism.
  • You can have WAY more than 1-2 cheat meals each week and still shed inches.
  • You don’t need to restrict ANY types of foods to get back into your smaller clothes.
  • You don’t need to count calories or keep a food journal to happily look in the mirror again.
  • You don’t need any expensive supplements or dangerous medications to drop your belly fat.
  • You don’t need expensive, brand-name “weight loss” products or meals to look and feel younger again.

And, finally, what if a new combination of only 2 simple habits can lead you to a successful, permanent weight loss lifestyle that is literally created around YOUR schedule?!

Stick around, because we have 3 pieces of EXCELLENT news for you!​


ALL of this is TRUE and based on university research.

(We’ll explain it all, without getting too boring or scientific.)


The fact that you haven’t heard of any of this is NOT your fault.

(We’ll show why you’ve been purposefully kept in the dark.)


You’ll discover, right on this page, how to get immediate access to these 2 simple habits.

(You can get started in less than 5 minutes, no matter what time it is.)

First, let's start with...

The University Research that Proves
the Diet Industry is WRONG.

BIG MYTH #1:  You are required to eat healthy to lose weight.

PROVEN FACT:  Dr. Krista Varady, Ph.D, is THE researcher in the area of modified fasting for weight loss. A university professor and researcher with nearly 25 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, she has *conclusively* proven that you don’t have to eat healthy in order to lose a *substantial* amount of weight.

You'll want this quick definition.  “Modified” fasting means that you are getting all the benefits of fasting, yet you still get to eat a little bit on each fasting day!

Jeremy Nelms
Co-Creator, Work Week Diet

Dr. Varady's research is based on a day of modified fasting, alternated with an entire day of eating whatever you want.

That’s an entire day, every other day,
where her test subjects ate whatever they wanted!


The program born from her research (called The Every Other Day Diet) creates a few stumbling blocks with a real life schedule like yours and mine.

The GREAT news is that the Work Week Diet was literally created to take advantage of all of the research behind modified fasting AND completely conform to YOUR weekly schedule!

BIG MYTH #2:  Your metabolism will crash if you don’t eat every 3 hours.

These days, it seems that everyone is OVERLY concerned about their metabolism.  And when you start talking about modified fasting, a lot of people tend to freak out.

PROVEN FACT:  There are multiple research studies that show you can go for several DAYS without eating… and your metabolism will be just fine

(Don’t worry… you’ll eat every single day on the Work Week Diet!)

PROVEN FACT:  Yet another study had participants lifting weights and eating only 800 calories each day for 12 weeks... and there was NO negative effect on metabolism.


A Quick Summary:  the TRUTH about Eating What You LOVE to Lose Weight

The RESULTS of people on the Work Week Diet, Dr. Varady’s research on modified fasting, AND other scientific research studies PROVE that:

Your metabolism will be just fine if you wait longer than 3 hours to eat.

You obviously don’t have to diet every day or limit yourself to 1-2 cheat meals each week.

Brand-name diet foods are unnecessary, preposterous, and ridiculously expensive.

The time and stress spent keeping a food journal has been proven to be wasted.

(So, do yourself a BIG favor and drop ALL of these misguided concepts from your belief system, because they just aren’t true!)

Now, let's take a hard look at...

Why You've Been LIED to about Eating "Healthy" to Lose Weight

Let’s break this down, square up, and face the bad guys:

How does it FEEL to know that BILLIONS of marketing dollars are spent for ONE purpose: to get you to buy more food.

  • Giant corporations, exclusive weight loss programs, and specialty food companies make a LOT of money selling expensive “health” food.  
  • The big diet companies, health food chains, and even fast food restaurants with “healthy” options will sell a TON more food (and take a lot more of your money) if they get you to believe you need to eat 5 times per day or every 3 hours.
  • The supplement companies all want you to believe that you can only lose weight with THEIR magic supplement, which happens to cost a TON of YOUR money.

In 2013, $6.45 billion was spent on all types of advertising by restaurants. Food and candy corporations spent even more… $6.63 billion! That is a combined $13 BILLION dollars of advertising to convince you to buy more food.

Buy MORE food, in order to weigh LESS???
That doesn’t even make sense!

When billions of dollars are being used against us, it is no wonder we have an astonishing obesity issue in so many developed countries around the world!

Before We Share How to Shed Inches Eating Pasta, Bread, and Desserts, It’s Time to Address the Obvious

It’s important to be clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with healthy food. In fact, there is an abundance of healthy foods that we LOVE.

There is also absolutely nothing wrong with eating healthy food all the time. 

The PROBLEM with weight loss, however, is two-fold:

FIRST, you don't have to eat healthy all the time to lose weight.  A LOT Of fitness and nutrition professionals are missing this important factor, and they are also forgetting that their clients do NOT live in the gym.

SECOND, the harsh reality is that MOST people who try to eat healthy all the time fail to lose weight.  It's too much change in WAY too short of a time frame.

(You probably already have struggled with this one, haven’t you? Not any more.)

Jeremy Nelms - Co-Creator of the Work Week Diet!
Kris Pauly - Co-Creator of the Work Week Diet!

With the New Work Week Diet, Everything Changes.

Everything is different now.

People just like you access the Work Week Diet and see that you can literally start tomorrow.

Then, they quickly develop 2 simple habits, which suddenly work together to create weight loss synergy…

Shortly, you are losing both pounds and inches while you eat the foods you absolutely LOVE!

If you’re ready and want to know more, we’re more than happy and completely willing to share...

The Secret Behind the Work Week Diet:  FREE Details Below!

To really show you how the Work Week Diet works, you will need to know how the Work Week Diet got started - which means it is time for a couple of quick introductions!

Jeremy Nelms - Co-Creator of the Work Week Diet!

Jeremy Nelms has been in the fitness industry for most of the last 20 years and has simultaneously owned fitness businesses in both Florida and Arizona, as well as managed 14 overseas fitness and recreation facilities for the military during the war in Iraq.

Kris Pauly - Co-Creator of the Work Week Diet!

Kris Pauly is involved with high level project management for an international, multi-million dollar manufacturing company and is a former weight loss client of Jeremy’s from Arizona.

How the Work Week Diet Got Started

Ten years ago in late 2006, we met in Arizona and quickly became friends. After working together for a couple of years… "life" happened.

Candidly and transparently, we each took massive, life-changing hits when the economy crashed in 2008. We lost nearly everything, including a lot of our confidence (more on that important topic in just a moment) and went our separate ways as we figured out how to rebuild.

The great news is that we kept in touch, which is how Kris (the former client) ended up telling Jeremy (the fitness professional) about a diet that he wanted to try.

The diet? Dr. Krista Varady’s Every Other Day Diet, which as you now have learned, is based on peer-reviewed, university research on alternate day modified fasting.

Frankly, Jeremy was instantly skeptical. With nearly 20 years of diet dogma packed into the crevices of his fitness brain, the concept of eating whatever you want every other day was ludicrous.

(After all, hundreds of billions of dollars had been spent over the prior 20 years telling him otherwise. Sound familiar?)

But… Jeremy knew that Kris was no dummy.

So, Jeremy looked at the research. After looking at additional studies (including some incredibly surprising research that solves everyone's biggest fear: hunger), he realized that the science behind modified fasting and the real world results were actually VERY impressive…

Finally, Kris called him and said, “Hey, I’m down 7 pounds in 3 weeks from that program I told you about, but I have a couple of problems.”

And to make a long story short, Jeremy:

  • Listened to the problems Kris was experiencing with the Every Other Day Diet,
  • Applied his acquired knowledge of the additional research,
  • Came up with 1 question and a new combination of 2 simple, scientifically researched habits that completely solved Kris’s problems and became the Work Week Diet!

So, now that you know who we are and how the Work Week Diet started, let’s give you…

HOW to Do the Work Week Diet:
Answer 1 Question. Easily Develop 2 Habits.

To start the Work Week Diet, you’ll simply answer ONE question.

Here is an awesome hint: YOUR answer to the question shows you *exactly* how to setup the Work Week Diet for YOUR schedule, no matter how crazy your week might be.

Each week, you’ll look ahead to your schedule and answer the question again. Cool fact: most people’s answer is the same about 95% of the time… so this one is EASY!

Next, you’ll begin to develop the first habit. The first habit shows you how to specifically tailor the Work Week Diet to YOUR body size and body type, as you eat every single day and enjoy your favorite foods throughout each and every week.

We completely acknowledge and embrace the truth that the Work Week Diet needs to be UNIQUE to YOU, so that YOU get YOUR best results.

You’ll begin a new version of modified intermittent fasting that has you eating EVERY day and is literally designed for you, your preferences, your body size, and YOUR schedule!

In other words, this is NOT a cookie-cutter, “one size fits all” program. 

Finally, you’ll master one more habit. The last habit totally and completely conquers hunger and puts you in absolute control of every single day of the Work Week Diet, whether you are on a modified fasting day (we call it your “Fast Burn” day) or a day that you’re eating whatever your heart desires (we call those days “Feed The Fire” because of their amazing benefits to your metabolism!)

1 Question. A New combination of 2 Habits. Eat every single day. That’s it.

(By the way, here is another cool fact: you could have access to the 1 question and 2 habits less than 60 seconds from now, no matter what time it is. You don’t even have to download anything because you can login immediately from your phone, tablet, or computer!)

The REST of the Story:  

A Completely Unexpected (and Totally Exhilerating) Outcome

What we are about to share is almost as hard to believe as the proven fact that you can eat pizza, tacos, pasta, and desserts to lose weight, but something that was originally unexpected happens during the Work Week Diet.

You’ll Get Your Confidence Back AND Enjoy Food Again

Earlier, we mentioned that we both lost a massive amount of confidence when the economy collapsed in 2008. It’s hard to admit this (especially for Jeremy, as a fitness professional), but the truth is that we both put on over 30 pounds because of the emotional turmoil we each went through.


Does emotional eating and weight gain sound familiar to you? Believe us: we understand.

To make matters worse, after we had each gained the weight, we couldn’t shake it. 

Believe it or not, we each held onto this excess weight for over FIVE years… until the Work Week Diet.

Now, that excess weight is behind us, and we both feel and look younger than we did almost 10 years ago.

We want you to feel what we feel: a sense of complete peace and even JOY about your lifestyle, because you know that you have found a way of life that allows you to eat your absolute favorite foods and now lose weight without even thinking about it.

There’s no more stress about weight loss OR food. Instead, you will have found a lifestyle, like we have, that allows you to ENJOY your food and your life again while you lose weight and keep it off!

YOU Can Do the Exact Same Thing!

Exactly What YOU Get When You Try: the WORK WEEK DIET!

In less than a minute after you place your order, you will have:

  1. Product LIFETIME access to the member area of the Work Week Diet (immediate access any time on any device that can access the internet!)
  2. Everything you need to know to get started on the Work Week Diet (the very same day, if you choose)
  3. Instructions for joining our private Facebook group, where you receive support and answers to all of your questions (FREE support at no extra cost for your first 30 days!)
  4. Bonus tips and tricks (and a few awesome recipes!) that we will surprise you with along the way
  5. The zero risk, total security of our 60 day triple guarantee (More on this in a second.  GOOD news: you literally can't lose... try it for 60 days!)

(Example image only. This is a 100% digital product
available online in the Work Week Diet member area.)

What Other People Are Saying!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“In just over three months on the Work Week Diet, I have lost ten pounds and just over 12 inches!”

“For a woman in her 40s with thyroid problems, these results are amazing. And even more amazing is that I am still on the diet! I look forward to continuing my progress and seeing those slow and steady results that have meant so much for me.

This diet is so empowering because I can still eat all my favorite foods, satisfy all my cravings and still see results.

Terri W.
- Stay At Home MOM from Missouri

“I found this to be incredibly freeing and empowering.”

“I’m also finding that I simply eat less food overall with The Work Week Diet! That translates into less time (and money) spent at the grocery store. I save more time because I’m not cooking and cleaning up the dishes 3 times a day. Give the Work Week Diet a try. I’m very glad that I did!.

LeAnn H.
- Cycling Enthusiast from Ohio
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I have been on this diet now for almost 3 weeks. I have lost 6 lbs so far, and I am very pleased with that.”

“I had some tests done today during the wellness fair at work. Last year, I only qualified for 3 out of the 5 discounts.

This diet is helping good cholesterol. It was 66 today, so I now get 4 out of 5 insurance discounts. Love the diet, and this time next year I am going to get all 5 discounts!"

Big Mike V.
- Avid Hunter from Arizona

Lose Weight with ZERO Risk:

a 100% Money-Back, Triple Guarantee​

What is a Triple Guarantee?  We're Glad You Asked!

  1. TRY the Work Week Diet for 60 days. Give it your best shot. If you don’t lose weight, PLEASE ask for your money back. That means you have 60 days to try it out completely risk free.

    (Heck, put a reminder on your smartphone to make an objective decision before the 60 day guarantee is up!)
  2. TRY the Work Week Diet for 60 days. Make sure it fits your lifestyle. Even if you lose 30 pounds in the first 60 days and decide that the Work Week Diet lifestyle isn’t for you, then PLEASE ask for your money back.
  3. TRY the Work Week Diet for 60 days. Decide whether you like the website. Or your FREE 30 days of private Facebook group coaching and support. Or the color of our hair. Or the sound of our voice. Or whether you like the order of words we placed into a sentence. Or the shirt we wore 3 years ago.

    (Or how “silly stupid easy” we are making it for you to TRY the Work Week Diet for 60 days with zero risk or questions.)

(Don’t like something? Ask for your money back within 60 days.)



We’re hoping you’ve figured out that our triple guarantee means you can request a refund for any reason... or for NO reason at all.

Take 60 days and try the Work Week Diet to decide if it was worth $37, $27 with FREE 30 days of private Facebook coaching and support from other customers who have *already* lost weight doing the Work Week Diet.

ALL we want is for you to be happy OVERJOYED with your results AND the Work Week Diet lifestyle. If you aren’t, ask for your money back.

It’s truly that simple!

Kris Pauly - Co-Creator of the Work Week Diet!
Jeremy Nelms - Co-Creator of the Work Week Diet!

Here's How to Get Started

(and Get a STEAL)

The Work Week Diet: Lose Weight with YOUR Favorite Foods, Get Your Confidence (and Body) Back, ALL with ZERO Risk!

The Work Week Diet is an unbelievable steal, because we’re talking about a lifetime weight loss and no-brainer maintenance program that includes your favorite foods all week long.

And when we say “steal”, we mean it. Why?

Because Jeremy has had clients in Texas, Florida, and Arizona pay anywhere from $297 (and even $577!) to train with him. Remember, Kris was one of his former clients in Arizona who used to pay that EVERY single month.

That was $577... Month after month after month.​

YOU will have access to *both* Jeremy and Kris - as well as other people successfully using the Work Week Diet - for over 90% OFF of that price.

In other words, you’ll pay less than 10% of what Jeremy has previously charged for his coaching and help... and YOU even get an entire support group.

(See what we mean by “steal”?)

10% of $577 is $57.70. You’ll pay less (and you get a triple guarantee).

10% of $297 is $29.70. You won’t even pay that (and you get immediate, lifetime access at zero risk).


(Example images only. This is a 100% digital product available online in the Work Week Diet member area.)

  • LIFETIME access to the product, even if you cancel your monthly support membership!
  • Monthly private Facebook support DIRECTLY with Jeremy Nelms and Kris Pauly!
  • Literally cancel at ANY time with a simple click of a button (although we have clients who have been in our group for over a year!)

$57.70,  $29.70,  Just $17/month!

The Work Week Diet Gets RESULTS for Real People

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“20 pounds down after 15 YEARS of other diets.”

“I am happy to report that I have reached the 20 pound mark (which I never expected to) after 15 years of so many other diets. I have tried many other diets (not drastic kinds), taking many pills (for different things), exercised (to a degree), and always tried to lose at least 10 lbs and each time never was able to....

WELL, it has finally been done....YIPPIE!!!!

Maria W.
- International contractor from Texas

“Down 20 pounds with NO exercise and sitting all day...”

“I'm down 11 pounds in 4 weeks!! I dropped over 3 lbs on each of my "Fast Burn" days. Down 20 lbs from starting Work Week Diet.

And that is with NO exercise and sitting all day! Best part....ITS EASY!!!  No meal planning... no food prep... no hauling plastic containers everywhere I go.”

Michelle K.
- Registered Nurse and Seminary Student from Colorado
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Would you pay less than a movie and a meal - ONE time - to finally get the body you deserve, eating the foods you love each week?

Click HERE to Get LIFETIME Access and MONTHLY support for just $17/month!

(Cancel at ANY time and receive LIFETIME product access!)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Completely Secure
Payment System

Why We Are Raising the Price after the 1st 300 Join

It is important to note that raising the price isn’t some gimmick.

The reason we will raise the price after 300 people join the Work Week Diet is simple: we want to provide you with the highest quality support. You get 30 days of FREE support with the Work Week Diet in our private Facebook group.

We know you need to succeed during your first 30 days.

We also know there will be questions, and we want to make sure every single question gets answered.

So, once 300 people are in the monthly support group, the price goes up.

To be candid, it’s very realistic that we’ll soon double the investment (at a minimum). When you stop and objectively consider that Jeremy has easily earned $297 - $577, month after month, helping people to successfully lose weight… you realize that $17 for access to his expertise is a bit insanely under-priced.

In other words, $37 or even $57 for the Work Week Diet and 30 days of personalized coaching and support with both Kris and Jeremy are both still GREAT deals.

And if you’re one of the first 300, you don’t need to worry about $57, or even $37.

Let’s face it: paying just $17 right now to lose weight eating pizza and tacos is pretty sweet, isn’t it?

You can’t get this anywhere else. Try the Work Week Diet for 60 days at zero risk now.


(Example images only. This is a 100% digital product available online in the Work Week Diet member area.)

  • LIFETIME access to the product, even if you cancel your monthly support membership!
  • Monthly private Facebook support DIRECTLY with Jeremy Nelms and Kris Pauly!
  • Literally cancel at ANY time with the click of a button (although we have clients who have been in our group for over a year!)

$57.70,  $29.70,  Just $17/month!

Your Choice: Kale and Celery, or Tacos and Pizza!

What will YOU choose?

There’s nothing wrong with kale and celery, but if you can lose weight with tacos and pizza on the Work Week Diet, why the heck wouldn’t you?!

Remember, we’re not saying healthy food is bad. Obviously, “healthy” food is great for you.

The problem that I have encountered with SO many clients is that making the drastic switch to eating healthy all the time is just TOO hard for real people with a busy life and a stressful schedule.

Jeremy Nelms
Co-Creator, Work Week Diet

Now, thanks to the Work Week Diet, you don’t have to eat healthy all the time. Or, honestly, even some of the time (although we’re technically not recommending that you completely turn this into the Junk Food Diet!).

Order Now for Immediate Access!

(Example image only. This is a 100% digital product
available online in the Work Week Diet member area.)

Here’s to a lifetime of awesome food and the body you dream of and deserve,

Jeremy Nelms

Kris Pauly

P.S. -- You get to try the Work Week Diet for 60 days at ZERO risk. Check it out. Make sure it is a fit for you. Make sure you can imagine this lifestyle for YEARS to come. If it’s not, it's easy to get 100% of your money back, with absolutely zero hassles.

P.P.S. -- Be one of the first 300, before the price doubles. Would you rather pay $17 now, or be kicking yourself a bit when the price doubles?

​P.P.P.S. -- Come meet us in the private Facebook group! Join today! You get FREE access to us for 30 days once you buy! Take advantage of both of us for 30 days and THEN make your final decision about the Work Week Diet. Get all the support you need with literally NO risk!